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Our wildlife experience combined with our photographic skill is what sets us apart! That together with the locations we choose make for an unforgettable workshop experience.

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Sean's Photographic Workshop's and Safaris cater for the expert photographer as well as complete beginners. Offering one-on-one tuition to people who want to learn about photography and wildlife.

The Photographic Safar'si are extended workshops intended to capture specific wildlife behaviour and phenomena at pertinent times during the year, i.e. the migration in the Serengeti.

You will be hosted by top photographers that are also guides wanting to share more than just their knowledge of the big five. The guides are internationally sought after for their expertise and have guided in many African countries.

Many of the workshops and safaris are offered in game reserves throughout Africa and India, ensuring a wide variety of wildlife and habitats. The Workshops are arranged to give you the maximum photographic opportunities at specific times of the year...

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